New Hardline Gunner OpenGL Demo Is Ready

Category : Game Dev, HardlineGunner · by Feb 23rd, 2015

Finally. The new demo is here. I’ve changed so much in the last ~6 months and am so proud of how HLG has evolved into a fully featured game.  The new demo is already up on so go and play it right now:


Demo Features:

  • Rewrote The Rendering Code:
    • Now rendering with OpenGL. Game plays a lot smoother and sharper. Polished the graphics to give HLG a beautifully colourful facelift.
  • Added Level Backgrounds:
    • The black backgrounds in the old demo are no more. I added a few parallaxing layers to give some depth to the levels.
  • New Levels:
    • Increased the over all level length.
    • Triggered events are now implemented, allowing enemy ambushes, arena style levels, and custom scripted events.
  • World Map:
    • Inspired by Super Mario 3, HLG now has a world map.
    • Level order is no longer fully linear. Levels can be locked and unlocked, hidden and revealed.
  • Options Menu:
    • Button config.
    • Full resolution support.
    • Low graphics mode exists to help reduce lag for shitty computers. This was something I was just playing with and decided to leave it in. It removes the backgrounds, 3D walls, particles around explosions and a bunch of stuff to allow players to experience the same gameplay without the lag.
    • Volume controls
  • Plus a ton of backend improvements to the engine.


We’re so happy with how the demo has turned out and would love to get your feedback. Give it a play and tweet (@orunbot, @LazAtLazorun) or email ( us what you think.

Play it here: