Hardline Gunner: Playing With Perspective

Category : Game Dev, HardlineGunner · by Jul 4th, 2014


Been doing a lot of work on Hardline Gunner lately.  Some rewrites, some fixes and some new content.

Motivated By TOJAM

After doing TOJAM and creating Battle Box at the end of April, I found myself highly motivated for developing HLG. There is something about a jam game that makes me want to make a larger, more fully featured game because during the jam I am constantly having to make compromises due to the tight constraints and start wishing for another project to work on where I can be free to explore my ideas and designs.


Adding Perspective To Walls

I added perspective to the walls of HLG. The change came purely out of play. I just felt like messing around; exploring, creating, breaking, fixing, playing. In the end, most of it was reverted but the new wall look was something I really liked and decided to roll with. The look still has some bugs and needs to be flushed out to be more cohesive with the rest of the game but I do think it is something that will stay. You can see the old look here.



Slow Motion On Critical Life

While watching some friends play HLG I noticed a problem which I thought I had already fixed. Players don’t know when their health is critically low. I added a health bar at the bottom, added a small health bar right above the player, and made the screen flash red continuously when you have low life but no one really noticed. In hopes to fix that I added something that is almost impossible to miss. On low life a huge CRITICAL LIFE message shows up and the whole game goes into slow motion, with the exception of the player. The feel of time slowing down immediately puts the player in ALL OR NOTHING mode where they must capitalize on the handicapped enemies to keep themselves alive while doing as much damage as possible. Only testing will tell if this is a good solution but that’s besides the fact that slow motion feels really awesome.



New Alpha Demo Coming Soon

My next milestone is to fix up what I currently have in HLG and create a new Alpha Demo to get the game into players hands and get some feedback.  I have a pretty good understanding of what I want HLG to be and can have a subset of that ready in a new demo in the weeks to come.