Hardline Gunner Alpha Demo – build 0.3

Category : Game Dev, HardlineGunner · by Dec 29th, 2013

A couple days ago I knocked off a bunch of tasks from HLG’s todo list and created build 0.3 just in time for yesterdays screenshot saturday. Now HLG has 2 new gun mechanics and some enemy AI tweaks that get it closer to the game I see when I close my eyes. Before I dive into details I should explain what HLG is.

Hardline Gunner is a simple minimalistic 2D top-down shooter that forces fast reflexes and near perfect execution to survive. The main mechanic is the SPIN. Above all other things, spin is what will keep you alive.


If timed correctly you can deflect enemy bullets back at enemies. Spinning also makes you invincible which is a must have when the bullet hell starts to arrive.

There are 2 new gun mechanics that I’m trying out in this build. Seeking gun is weaker but follows enemies.


Spread gun is slower but does massive damage at short range.


I’m not entirely sure how these guns will be awarded to the player but for now I just assigned each to a key for maximum testability and let you go crazy with whichever one you prefer.

A couple weeks ago I showed HLG to a colleague and he destroyed my first boss on his first try. I was heart broken. Since then I’ve beefed the boss up a bit so that will never happen again. Here is a preview of his wrath.


That’s all for now but you can play Hardline Gunner >>right here<< and try it out for yourself.