GGJ13: Cardiaxe

Category : Game Dev, GGJ · by Feb 4th, 2013

Since TGGJ ended I’ve been making small changes to our game in hopes to get it closer to the game we imagined making on the first day.  Though there are so many things left to fix, now is as good a time as any to show you our game, Cardiaxe.

Play Cardiaxe Here.


Cardiaxe is an arena platformer where the player must fight to survive as long as possible.  There is a heart beat in the background and when a player attacks at the time of the beat, a special attack occurs.

Heart Beat Timer.

When these two rectangles (hovering over the player) converge and become a filled rectangle, player attacks will become special attacks.  Every time a special attack hits an enemy, the time for the next special beat attack decreases.


The Beat Timer: (Left) Charge Up, (Right) Special Attack Time


Melee Attack – Fastest attack, Shortest attack, Hits only closest enemy


Ranged Attack – Slower then melee attack, Longer range, Hits only one enemy


Special Beat Melee Attack – Knocks back all enemies in range (infront and behind player), Only does damage to one enemy


Special Beat Ranged Attack – Does damage to all players in range, No knockback.



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