GGJ13: Day 2

Category : GGJ · by Jan 26th, 2013

Day 2 starts out great, no real bugs, and a ton of added content. I guess I’ll spend the time now to catch everyone up to date on the whole jam.

It started with Orun and I coming to the jam with a few ideas each on Friday around 6.  The theme was set to be released at 8pm, and we didn’t want to start before it.  We were still looking for an artist on Twitter, and our sound maestro Matt Yzereef was unfortunately a bit under the weather,  so we weren’t getting off to the best start.   But Yz sounded so enthusiastic, he was constantly asking me for updates as he wanted to start making game music.  At around 7, someone came into our class and wrote on the board “Need Ar”- to where I interrupted him and walked him to our area and welcomed him to Team Lazorun.  Perfect.  At 8 we were given the theme: Heartbeat.  Oh crap.  What were we going to do with that?  How can we make a game with the sound of a heartbeat?  That’s nothing at all like we were thinking.  Well, we had preplanned to go for dinner after the theme was announced, so I told Orun to not say anything until we got halfway there.  Once the silence broke, we were both full of ideas and fed off each other pretty quickly.  From my OK idea, to Orun’s great idea, to the awesome idea we had came up, all before we ordered our food.  We were simply going to make a game much like a NES beat’em’up game, but with the twist that combos are generated by landing hits on the heartbeat (that will be present the entire game).  The more combos you land in a row, the quicker the heart beats.  The more heart beats you miss, the slower the heart beats.  We added that idea with 2 attacks, one for short, one for ranged, and we developed enough combo sequences to fit the size of a game jam.  Now on to get’er done!


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