GGJ13: Cardiaxe

Category : Game Dev, GGJ · by Feb 4th, 2013
GGJ13: Cardiaxe

Since TGGJ ended I’ve been making small changes to our game in hopes to get it closer to the game…

GGJ13: Day 3

Category : GGJ · by Jan 27th, 2013

When day 3 starts off with you hitting the snooze button 4 times and dropping your wallet (and your change) all over the parking lot when you get out of your car, you have a feeling it’s going to be a long day.  Eventually our artist arrived and sound guy is doing his thing, a bit of coding is still remaining with just a few more hours until the GGJ is finished.  But we won’t give up, deadline day is when $#!^ gets done.  We’ll see what we can do.


GGJ13: Day 2

Category : GGJ · by Jan 26th, 2013

Day 2 starts out great, no real bugs, and a ton of added content. I guess I’ll spend the time now to catch everyone up to date on the whole jam.

It started with Orun and I coming to the jam with a few ideas each on Friday around 6.  The theme was set to be released at 8pm, and we didn’t want to start before it.  We were still looking for an artist on Twitter, and our sound maestro Matt Yzereef was unfortunately a bit under the weather,  so we weren’t getting off to the best start.  

GGJ13: End Of Day 1

Category : GGJ · by Jan 26th, 2013

First day is done and I’m not worried. Always a good sign.

This will be my home for the next few days.

GGJ13: Today’s the Day

Category : GGJ · by Jan 25th, 2013
GGJ13: Today’s the Day

After work today, GGJ starts.  Matt and I will be updating this blog throughout the event. Here’s hoping the theme…