Hardline Gunner: DEV LOG 002 – Upgrades and Fixes

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New dev video log is up.  This time I show off a bunch of fixes and upgrades I’ve made to the demo. There are a few mechanics that got changed  and redesigning how we handle the game’s difficulty modes.

The Hardline Gunner DevLog – Follow The Development

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Hardline Gunner Devlog

For all the little updates and day to day dev of Hardline Gunner, I’ve started a devlog on TigSource. Here I can just post whatever is going on, no matter how large or small. So the new place to follow the development, make comments and ask questions is the TigSource DevLog. Check it out.

Hardline Gunner: DEV LOG 001 – Trying Out Video Dev Logs

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I’m really bad at keeping to my blog post schedule and think that maybe just grabbing the mic, recording my screen and chatting about Hardline Gunner and the dev process may be something I can finally stick to.

This first dev log just covers an intro to the game and the basic mechanics that the player will need to master to become a badass. I would like to use these video dev logs to cover coding, level design, design decisions, answer feedback or show off features. I’m still getting used to the whole talking to nobody thing that comes with recording these videos so I guess practice will make perfect eventually.

Here is the Hardline Gunner Dev Log 001 – Basic Mechanics video, Check it out.


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With only 48 hours to develop a game from scratch we decided to make a minimalistic racer that could be played with infinite players. By the end of the jam we had created LIGHTRIDER. A 1 button, as many players as there are keyboard keys, twitch skill racing game.

New Hardline Gunner OpenGL Demo Is Ready

Category : Game Dev, HardlineGunner · by Feb 23rd, 2015

Finally. The new demo is here. I’ve changed so much in the last ~6 months and am so proud of how HLG has evolved into a fully featured game.  The new demo is already up on so go and play it right now:


Hardline Gunner: New Alpha Demo And Next Steps

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Just over a month ago I released an alpha demo on It had 15 challenging levels will a ton of unique enemies, power-ups and surprises along the way.  It was a great opportunity to get some much needed user feedback while the game was still early in development.

Try out the Alpha Demo Here:

Hardline Gunner: July’s Dev Recap

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I’ve been wanting to blog more about Hardline Gunner development and am going to try to commit to monthly updates.  July has probably been one of the most productive months for HLG development. Here’s a recap of what went down.

Hardline Gunner: Playing With Perspective

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Been doing a lot of work on Hardline Gunner lately.  Some rewrites, some fixes and some new content.

TOJAM 2014 – Survival Maybe Guaranteed

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Tojam is just around the corner and I always find myself wishing I took the time to blog some of the fun but never do because I never have the time.  This year I’m going to try extra hard to take a break and post our current builds of the game so you can see what the game felt like every step of the way.

Hardline Gunner: Rethinking New Mechanics

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The definition of what Hardline Gunner is evolves with its development but, the more I work on it the more I get closer to understanding what it is and what I want it to be.

While watching players give the current build (at the time it was alpha-0.3) a try I realized that the current mechanics were not promoting the type of gameplay I wanted to encourage. I needed something in the game to encourage level exploration, killing all enemies in a level before completing it and using multiple guns instead of just the one favourite.

Hardline Gunner Alpha Demo – build 0.3

Category : Game Dev, HardlineGunner · by Dec 29th, 2013

A couple days ago I knocked off a bunch of tasks from HLG’s todo list and created build 0.3 just in time for yesterdays screenshot saturday. Now HLG has 2 new gun mechanics and some enemy AI tweaks that get it closer to the game I see when I close my eyes. Before I dive into details I should explain what HLG is.

Hardline Gunner is a simple minimalistic 2D top-down shooter that forces fast reflexes and near perfect execution to survive. The main mechanic is the SPIN. Above all other things, spin is what will keep you alive.



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Got a new game to share. Demo available soon.

GGJ13: Cardiaxe

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GGJ13: Cardiaxe

Since TGGJ ended I’ve been making small changes to our game in hopes to get it closer to the game…